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I sleep with my hands balled into fists
And wake to eat 100 year old food
of plaster and paste

Its hard to sleep
Hard to wake
Hard to live in this world
That we make

To Do

What to do today?
I have no reason to plant seeds
All the food is in cabinets, ready to be eaten
Seeds are planted by machinery,
Fruit gathered the same
Machinery maintained by machines themselves
There is little I must do
Which leaves me to wonder
What do i want to?
I have no reason to plant seeds,
Or eat fruit


Captivated by my fears
I spin my wheels
Hide in a cup of tea
For a year or two

Avoid my life
To avoid my death
but theres no escaping
Decision is made
either way


I cant find no shelter with you
Your lean-to is full of holes and quite bare
When tight and warm is what id like
Hungry and cold, i am with you
Where money cannot buy, shelter or food
Or peace of mind

understand me

Can you understand me?
Do you know what makes me “be”?
The youth of today,
our wisdom in perspectives,
which you cannot see.

But once,
surely you must have.
You must have had what we have now,
the freedom of individuality,
not knowing any better,
or thinking ourselves any worse.


I wish you loved me too
I wish it didn’t fadeaway,
you said it never would.

We finally found each other,
so you could throw us in the trash.
Every promise broken,
every word a lie.
Why did you say them?
Why did you make them?
I wish you never had,
maybe then i wouldn’t be feelin so bad.

So i’ll be goin on down the road,
without you.


Help me
Ive got to get somewhere,
Anywhere but here.
Ive no time for today,
Got to get to a better tomorrow.
No time for you now
To see your smiling face
Life is such a waste.
Help me.


I’ll leave those girlish fantasies behind
to become the heroine in my own novel.

No more Princes and Princesses,
no more Right and Wrong,
Black and White and Grey.

Now it’s all sparkling rainbow hues,
mysterious Night and beautiful Day.

I’ll weave my own story,
on the weft of my dreams.
All the colors used,
My own thread in Blue.

Shuttle the warp
Shuttle the warp through the fabric.
The fabric is mine
the fabric is Time.