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this magical teat
from which I feed
but its not all mystery
I built this breast
with my own sweat
its sweet milk
my own greed
I wish I did not need
to eat


The rare-est
The big-est
The best-est
The most mosty-est Thing in the world;

Will you dig for it?

The most morer-er Person in the world;
The Best.

Will you be it?

dreams & illusions

all your dreams will fall when you reach them
just as illusions crumble when you reach out to touch them
that castle is a prison
not all its cracked up to be after all

combine means with ends
to achieve the result you desire
they are one and the same

precious victims

we almost always look terrible
wearing discomfort
precious fashion victims
covered in ridiculous shit
always wearing our discomfort
our fear
on the outside

its a way to express yourself
whether you choose to or not

be nice to me

please just be nice to me
because my food sits cold in my stomach
and gives me no heat
because my mind is worried
and gives me no peace
because my spirit has sunk into my feet
and gives me no speed
so please, just be nice to me

Come talk to me

come talk to me
and ill try to make you wrong
so i can feel right
we can’t have a conversation
during this competition
i wish i could stop
but i dont know how
and im too afraid anyway

come and be my lover
so you can make me feel wrong
because i know deep inside
theres something not right
maybe you could fix it
and make me shine
with your reflected glory


Captivated by my fears
I spin my wheels
Hide in a cup of tea
For a year or two

Get hypnotized
By some eyes
The main attraction

Avoid my life
To avoid my death
but theres no escaping
Decision making
Either way
I’ll get to my grave
One of these days
I’ll learn how
to do what i want to

We can be human

We can be human together
we can be human again together
we can be sick
we can be ugly
we can be old
we can be dirty
we can cry
you and I

We aren’t ugly
or sick
for being human
or needing to be human
But we don’t want sick old ugly dirty people
with their stupid crying faces.