replication bomb

its all garbage
these books are made of paper
but we can take them
and translate them
into the physical world

like DNA
written into memes instead of genes
we are the RNA
operating mitochondrial machinery
building cities out of steel
protein and plastic

we’re a replication bomb
going off
it happens rather quickly
in geological time

combine reproduce divide
burning the earth’s fuse
the second jurassic draft

communicating constantly
its a big orgy
about replication and construction
entropic reduction
more newer better faster
one day we’ll fly away

2 thoughts on “replication bomb”

  1. In the last chapter, Dawkins considers how Darwinian evolution may look outside of planet Earth . It seems that the trigger event would be the spontaneous arising of self-replicating entities or the phenomenon of heredity . Once this process is initiated, it will launch an explosion of replicating entities until all available resources are used and all vacant niches are taken. Thus the title of the chapter.

    1. Thank you for your well thought comment. I’m elaborating on that theme, imagining humans “exploding” outwards into space and initiating the bomb elsewhere.

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