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replication bomb

its all garbage
these books are made of paper
but we can take them
and translate them
into the physical world

like DNA
written into memes instead of genes
we are the RNA
operating mitochondrial machinery
building cities out of steel
protein and plastic

we’re a replication bomb
going off
it happens rather quickly
in geological time

combine reproduce divide
burning the earth’s fuse
the second jurassic draft

communicating constantly
its a big orgy
about replication and construction
entropic reduction
more newer better faster
one day we’ll fly away

clean this slate

the sensation
of taking a bath
in matter and energy

the sensation
of taking the wrath
of separation and attachment

travelling between the poles
of a primitive dream and a technological nightmare
biophilia the cure of necrophilia

desiring neither
will i evaporate into the ether?

clean this slate
and start over


when she turns her sunny face away
and you dont know if its coming back
or if there’s anything you can do to get it back
the fear grips you
and the doubt has been passed on

part of me felt like a burden to her
part of me like a joy
which is the right part?

mommy i miss you
mother i need you
but please just forget all about me
because im obsessed with you
narcissistic child that i am

mommy i hate you
for letting me grow up
for putting me down
for being all powerful
for ever cutting that cord